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Top 10 things to think about when designing your display

You’ve done so much getting to this point- you developed a great product and are ready to get it into the hands of your consumers! But there is still a bit more planning, preparation, and decisions to make. As you think about going into a brick and mortar, an in-line store, a kiosk, or even a smaller footprint- let this guide provide you with some insight on how to best display your product.

1. Location, Location, Location!

The saying you hear in real estate all the time, but that is equally as important in retail. Which shopping center will be the best fit for you- with foot traffic and your target audience? Which locations are available within that center? What size are those locations? Does one location have a bigger footprint but lacks in a prominent location? Do some initial research by picking out a few options and grabbing a delicious mall pretzel and camping out for a little bit at different times of the day. Remember that different shopping centers have different requirements so make sure you get that information before you make your final decision.

2. Size Matters

Bigger isn’t always better. Really think about your product within each available space. If your product is large, you might have to go a bit bigger in order to have an aesthetically pleasing display. But if your product is small then it will be swallowed up in a large space. How many types of products will you carry, how much stock will you consistently have, and how often will you be able to replenish? Make sure you analyze each of these aspects before you sign up for the biggest or you might not get the best.

3. Branding is Bold

Your product sells itself- which is great! But you can’t overlook the importance of your brand and brand recognition. When someone asks a friend where they got that “great bag” you want them to say your company, not “this store in the mall.” There are so many companies and individuals out there who can help with everything - logo design, tag lines, price tags, website design, and your social media presence. Even if that aspect of the business isn’t your cup of tea, make sure you engage with someone who is passionate about it.

4. Approach 30-15-5

Once you have settled on your location, approach it from every angle a consumer would. The goal is to make an impression at different distances - 30’, 15’, 5’, and 1’ – for each approach. Utilize your product, your branding, and graphics to grab the consumer’s attention as they approach so they come straight to you. Make sure you check with your center's requirements to make sure you are meeting their criteria while still creating an eye-catching display.

5. Organize & Earn

They say, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Truer words may have never been spoken, especially in retail. Except in retail, it’s not just an hour that is earned- it's dollars. While you are working on your merchandising layout- figure out which like items need to be displayed together – gold vs silver, purses vs wallets, colors, styles, sizes, etc. Not only will this help with your add-on sales but it will also help visually and with your inventory and restocking.

6. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Sales

Most retailers have no problem merchandising from front to back, but what is more important is top to bottom. To start- remember that top to bottom is really from around your knees to your head. Visually you can go higher (if possible) but for merchandise, you will want to keep everything at a reachable distance- without requiring your customers to crawl on the floor to see your product. Build your display up with various tools and tricks- from simple table risers to stacking cubes of various heights, to customized display accessories for specific products. This will this allow you to get more product out and will also help your product be seen.

7. Dancing Eyes

Happy eyes are dancing eyes. Believe it or not, there is science behind how our eyes move. Which is really quite interesting to get into, but for now just remember varying heights and odd numbers. Brains process visual groups in odd numbers better than even, so that is a simple rule of thumb to use as you develop your product layout. Use varying heights and visual triangles to grab shopper’s attention. If allowed, it’s a great idea to have actual movement- possibly a monitor with a loop of products offered or information about the development and features of products.

8. Pricing

It’s so easy to glance past the individual pricing of your items, but it is such an important detail. While some people have no problem engaging a person to ask a question, others prefer to shop solo. So having clear and upfront pricing is the final culmination of several of these points. It is an extension of your branding- and sometimes the only branding your customer will take home, so while the price tag obviously needs the price it is also helpful to have your brand or website on it. When we discuss the approach, this is the 1’ zone – your price tag. Customers have now seen your brand from far away, closer, and now right in their hands. It is the full circle of their experience and when prices are clear it can help get to close the sale without any confusion or hesitation.

9. Change is good

You’ve created the most beautiful, colorful, and engaging display – now what? Prepare for change. You’ll get new products in and phase products out. As the seasons and holidays change- so will your display. Maybe a new location is available or you’re doing so well you need to go bigger. Never fear, change is a good thing- especially in retail. So take the change in stride and keep these points in mind so each display you create will be better than the next.

10. Help is here

As you embark on the journey of setting up your store- large or small – GST is here to help. From large stores to pop-up displays, GST has the experience to lead you through the process. We will extend our great relationships with retailers and developers to help you secure your next location – or locations. We can also help create your display fixture and merchandising plan. So whatever you need, just remember help is here and only a phone call (817-520-2320) or message away.

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