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Manufacturing Myth Busting – Digging into the Benefits of Powder Coating

Based in Haltom City, Texas – deep in the heart of Dallas/ Fort Worth, PowderTEK provides a full production, end-to-end powder coating facility for high volume and batch run powder coating. We know that power coating is a common technique for finishing products in the manufacturing industry, but what exactly is it? Why is it so durable and environmentally friendly? We’re going to cover that and more in this post from Manufacturing Myth Busting from GST. So strap in and lets get to it!

So, what exactly is powder coating? Believe it or not, it’s a question we get time and time again. Take a look around you next time you go out to the mall, the park, the theater, any real buildings and structures and really look at the materials. It’s comprised of 2 main things: concrete and metal. Concrete doesn’t need much protection to protect it from the elements, but metal on the other hand does. A quick study of the metal around you reveals something pretty incredible. The paint applied to it is flawless. No dripping, its incredibly durable, and it seems to go on for miles. That’s powder coating at work. It’s the process of painting metal by electrostatically spraying and bonding the paint to its surface. It looks great, its cheap, better for the environment and it lasts forever.

Just how durable is it? Well since the product is cured at temperatures as high as 400 degrees, the powder melts and flows around the object. The heat not only melts the powder but binds the light polymers into the heavier ones to create a tight network like finish. The curing not only coats the metal, but also binds the paint into a tighter, heavier finish. That heat application is what gives the finished product that even coating and rugged durability. Go ahead, try to chip it. Good luck.

Planet Earth is also a bit of a fan of powder coating as well. Liquid finishes contain some nasty solvents which are known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Powder coating on the other hand contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts, if any, VOC’s. So, rest easy knowing that the job you just sent isn’t hurting the local environment, and your getting an awesome looking finish on the other side.

Cheaper you say? Oh, yes. Very much so. For one, because of the manufacturing methods we use, we’re able to execute large jobs with our automated line. Also, with the elimination of VOC’s and the reduction of wastes saves money and helps us comply with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency. So not only are we working to do our part for conservation, these regulations are expanding the powder coating market dramatically. More competition means better pricing for the customers, which is always a good thing!

Well, there you go – for the thousands upon thousands of products with powder coated finishes; from appliances, automotive, buildings and everyday products – that paint means its protected, it will look great for years to come, and it was done in a way that protects the environment for a quality price. All-in-all, it’s a pretty great thing.

Have a project you need powder coated? Feel free to contact us today and we’ll get to work! Call 817-520-2320 or reach us anytime @ Learn more at

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