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GST Manufacturing - Helping the Space Industry Reach for the Stars

With over 25 years of projects in the various technology-focused sectors, GST Manufacturing is perfectly positioned to help proliferate the space exploration movement in Texas and beyond as we strive to open up this new exciting frontier. At GST Manufacturing we know it takes a wide array of infrastructure and supply chain management to achieve such a bold mission. That said, we couldn't be more excited to serve this industry than now with rapidly expanding commercial opportunities coming online in Texas and beyond. We're ready for the challenges of space, and together we're ready to meet it head-on.


Launchpad / Space Port


With decades of providing world-class infrastructure for top energy, construction, and warehousing solutions, GST is uniquely positioned to provide the same level of fabrication, assembly, installation, and construction needs to current and future launchpad & spaceport expansion plans.


Engineering / Test Facilities Infrastructure From building construction, line assemblies, to source part materials needed, GST has the capabilities to complete any needs for your space company's engineering/testing facilities. With years of supply chain management, expert fabrication, and assembly, your needs will be completed on time and delivered to exceed your expectations. Always.


Space Industry Supply Chain Solutions We understand that any large-scale project requires many teams to reach the finish line. That's why GST focuses on being a trusted supply chain fulfillment company. From our expert design center, dedicated project management staff to our hard amazing floor assembly crew, we are 100% focused on maintaining your project, no matter our level of scope. We've done it since 1933, space is simply the next project frontier.


Deep In The Heart of The Space Industry

Strategically positioned in North Texas has always had its geographical and historical benefits. Even outside of the obvious NASA connections, Texas has hosted start-up rocket, satellite manufacturing, and deep-space mining companies since the early 1980's. What makes today such an exciting time is the realization of private space exploration, and we couldn't be more excited about the opportunity of helping in any way we can.


Manufacturing Excellence since 1933 Tracing our roots back to 1933 in the Fort Worth, Texas area; GST has been fabricating and building quality metal products, projects, and solutions for over 80 years. Having served multiple market verticles we view the space industry not as a quick cash grab, but as a way to contribute to a better future for all of humanity. We as a company couldn't be prouder to enter this space and offer our expertise as we look to the future together.


Achieving Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Being true Texans, we believe in walking the walk - and that's why GST is constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint, analyze our manufacturing process, and implement new ways to recycle and reduce waste. And help us achieve this mission we've joined the Green Business Bureau. Working together we'll roadmap and execute our environmental awareness strategy and achieve our overall goal to leave this amazing planet just a little bit better than we found it.


We do hope you enjoyed learning more about GST Manufacturing's push into the space industry and all we have to offer. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we look forward to helping you with your next project!

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