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Catch a Soccer Game and see GST in action!

What's green and black and GST all over (well certain parts)? The new Austin FC Q2 Stadium! GST Manufacturing was invited to participate in the design and finish of the Austin FC Soccer Stadium. These designs included final finish suggestions on Corner Guards that spanned 40 feet vertically. The Architect also needed ideas on how to manufacture Barrel Ceilings that were attached to the back wall and then suspended from the ceiling with stainless steel wire. These Barrel Ceilings were also used as Chase Ways for Electrical and Lighting to other appliances.

Other features include:

  • The West Club Bar Design was originally to be stainless over the structure with the Base Counter to be Powder Coated inlay metal.

  • GST was able to re-design the over structure with a Powder Coated finish to match the color scheme.

  • The support Leg System was designed for ease of installation on-site for floor mounting to embeds manufactured by GST.

We had a blast helping put it together for Austin FC and all of their amazing fans. Next time your in Austin enjoy a game and scope out our handiwork live!

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