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Building the Future of Emergency Response with GST Manufacturing

The events of 2020 taught us that emergency preparedness shouldn't be a goal that we all strive for, but a necessary plan to maintain all branches of society. While we can never stay 100% ready at all times, we do have the tools to aid us in times of need. GST Manufacturing is working to ensure that our clients have the resources they need to tackle any emergency situation from pandemic needs, weather emergencies, medical shelters, and more. Our modular structures are built to install easily and provide workable solutions to ease logistical pressure points in these critical times.


Modular Quick Deploy Medical Facilities

Built to be deployed quickly and provide a safe, secure examination space, our modular medical stations are designed to be self-standing or interlinked to provide whatever medical, testing or emergency needs are necessary. Designed to allow for easy access and transparency, it can be modified and retrofitted for your particular needs.


Modular Quick Deploy Information Stations

One of the most critical crisis needs will always be information. This station provides a clearly visible location for the dissemination of information. With a wide selection available in open and enclosed station options, mass communication in any crisis event can be made in an orderly fashion.


Modular Quick Deploy Processing Stations

From migration processing, supplies & food distribution, medical examinations, and more; our modular processing station provides a stable structure with minimal installation to deploy and provides everyone with a structurally safe environment to help those in need. Access points can be opened and closed as needed to help with traffic flow and as always can be customized to your requirements.


Location, Location, Location.

Based in North Texas GST benefits from being strategically located at the true crossroads of innovation, location, and manufacturing for decades. Leveraging our centralized geographical benefits, we've been able to bring our expertise to new and existing partners and proven time and time again that with quality fabrication, expert assembly, and installation comes amazing growth in Texas and beyond.


Manufacturing Excellence Since 1933

Tracing our roots back to 1933 in Fort Worth, Texas, GST has been fabricating and building quality metal products, projects, and solutions for over 80 years. Having served in different industries, we view situational response as a way to contribute to a more secure future. We as a company couldn't be prouder to offer our expertise and solutions as we look to the future together.


Achieving Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

We believe in walking the walk - and that's why GST is constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint, analyze our manufacturing process, and implement new ways to recycle and reduce waste. And help us achieve this mission we've joined the Green Business Bureau. Working together we'll roadmap and execute our environmental awareness strategy and achieve our overall goal to leave this amazing planet just a little bit better than we found it.


To learn more about GST Manufacturing and our Situational Response Solutions please visit us at

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