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Picking the Metal Fabrication Holy Grail – Choose Wisely said the Knight

Opening a new storefront, expanding your cinema or food empire, or striking it big in the energy sector; the reasons behind needing to find a competitive metal fabrication are endless, as it would seem your list of potential partners. A quick google search and they all seem to be able to handle the job. At least according to their bullet points and graphics. But peel back a few of the top layers and ask some important questions before signing the dotted line. Picking your metal fabrication partner can often be the difference between a successful project or a public disaster. It’s your name on the line, so let’s make sure we do this right. Whether in the end if you end up choosing GST or not, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed, so here’s a few more to help you do your homework, and sleep a little better.


Technically, one could weld two pieces of metal together, charge money for said weld, and call themselves an expert. There would be no dispute. Technically. Let’s take a look at the list of metal fabrication candidates you have. If they’ve made the list, chances are they have a history and reputation comparable to your own. But most importantly, have they worked on projects similar to yours? Someone who specializes strictly in energy solutions may not be the best fit for a retail environment, or food. Yes, they’re all constructed from the same material, but do they have the technical expertise? If not, they’re probably not the best fit you could go with. Just ask yourself these simple questions before hitting the next category:

· Have they worked on projects like yours?

· Have they built products / applications like yours?

· Do they have clients your familiar with? From similar industries?

· Do they have the know-how and technical expertise to scale to your project?


The reality is your metal fabrication supplier’s experience is directly tied to your project’s success. The more experience they have the more likely they’ll be able to identify potential issues and roadblocks to look out for before they become real issues. Miscalculations and second-guessed adjustments will result in unusable assembly parts. The wrong finishing process for your materials will render your final product useless. Experienced fabricators will spot potential problems before they happen. They can also find areas of improvement. Getting the job done is one thing. Experience will offer you real savings and a higher quality project.


We love a good sales pitch as much as the next guys, but honestly, its just the first step. Learn what certifications your metal fabrication candidates have and then ask about the measures they take to ensure quality. Quality is not the area you want to be cutting corners in, under any circumstances.

Project Management

At GST Manufacturing, our complete energy is focused on supporting our clients through the entirety of the project. Our amazing team of employees skillfully track and manage complex metal fabrication and industrial metalwork projects. We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality workmanship and outstanding process control.

People First Mind-set

Just as no two projects are the same, neither are all metal fabricators, so your research ins vital when choosing the right company. GST has been developing core competencies across the board since 1933 to deliver a superior product and measurable bottom line value for our customers. Our promise to all of them has been the same – to treat them as family. As a family run company, its just kind of what we do. And we’ve been loving what we do for quite some time. We’d love to help you with any project you have in mind, so feel free to reach out at 817-520-2320 or to get started.

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